Walk Pure Launches!

The Walk Pure, purity program has launched in high schools. There is an urgency to reach the youth in Africa. Read what two of our key leaders have to say about the need for this purity program in Uganda, and why they got involved.

“This program is exactly what is needed for this time.  The youth have become very promiscuous.  The Walk Pure curriculum is organized nicely and very informative; it will be new information to many youth.  I believe there will be a revival among the youth through this program.  There will be, as you call it, a revolution and I want to be a part of this change in our nation.”
– Richard Lubwama
“It takes courage to do what you two people do and I must say it’s an amazing thing.  I don’t know much about AIDS in other countries, but in the country where I come from "Uganda" it’s so real and very scary for me.  I have watched my mother die because of Aids, and some of my other relatives as well.
I stay with my dad and he is also struggling with the disease.  Thanks to ARVs, and of course God's Mercy, he works and supports the family, pays fees for my siblings, and so many other things a man does in a family.
Someone needs to speak out on this.  Most youth in this country take the disease for granted. University girls will do anything to have money in their purse, so they will sleep around with any man for as long as he can provide them with money.  Somehow I believe you are God’s given gift to Ugandans.  I believe a miracle will happen when all the youth will abstain from sex, with God’s guidance till marriage, remain faithful to their partners and Aids will be history in this country.  And I believe you and Matt are going to make that happen.  Imagine a country without Aids orphans; that day will come, because God has sent you to redeem his people and I have no doubt about that. May the Lord bless you in all that you do.”
- Jackie Kivumbie

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