"Tell The Story" is a social media campaign designed to let you and many others know the awesome work that God is doing in Kampala, Uganda. Our hope is that it will give insight as to why we are here in Kampala and be an encouragement by sharing how touching one reaches many through testimonies of God’s grace and power.

The facts don't lie, the need in Uganda is great! Uganda has the second youngest population in the world with 70% of people under 30 years old, making the median age 15 years old. Nearly 38% of all people live on a dollar a day and 1 in 10 are orphans with 1 in 5 having HIV/AIDS. Less than 10% of pastors have any formal bible training, leaving a massive leadership gap.

The youth of Uganda is a ship without a rudder! But we believe and have seen that God has a purpose and calling for each of us, including the youth of Uganda. Below you will find our story and theirs, but we need you to be a part of the story too! Join us in telling the story of God's grace and power! Share with your family, friends, and congregation on whatever social media platform you use. We want everyone to know that God is alive and his “story" is being preached throughout the world!