“Everyone had forsaken me and treated me like trash because of a mistake that I had made; all hope was gone and I was at the point of committing suicide. Then God brought Pastor Matthew and Brett into my life. They prayed with me to receive Christ and I found a resting place when I joined the Frayo Family.

I joined the discipleship classes and the lessons built me spiritually and emotionally and enabled me to know who I am in the Lord and the purpose that he has for me. Had I not known Frayo, I think I would be long gone together with my son but by the grace of God, I am alive with my son and free from the spirit of death that was haunting me.

I want to thank Jesus for the favor, grace and love that he has for me that has enabled me to stand strong in the midst all that has happened in my life and for Pastor Matthew and the Frayo family for teaching and loving me.” 

- Daphne