"From a humble background of Pallisa district, I am a born again Christian. I came to know about Frayo Fellowship through the bazaars at the university campus. Frayo Fellowship team was there reaching out to university students. At that time, I was looking for a fellowship to join during my time at university and it seemed like a good fit. At first glance at Frayo, I was overwhelmed with the worship, the Word and then snacks afterwards, which was a totally new thing. I liked it so much and continued to attend every week. Thrilled at the change happening in my life through this ministry, I joined the discipleship and leadership classes. I had no idea that the impact to my life would grow even bigger. I have not remained the same. I was too shy and reserved and the fellowship just opened my potential. Growth has been terrific on my side through the fellowship. And whatever the world may see in me, it's all from the fellowship through the power of God. From a backbencher to a front-row leader, I’ll say that's growth and I am still growing."

- Ivan