“As a young man, I had a love for God and to serve the people of God, yet the quest to make money was more demanding, so I used to do gigs. I could not settle down into a formal job, regardless of my training in accounting. I was playing with different bands at bars, nightclubs, hotels and all these happening places in town and then I would attend church on Sunday morning.

One day, I received a call from a friend to come and help him with singing at a ministry called Frayo. When that day came to help him at Frayo, another opportunity had come up where I could make money. So there I was deciding whether to choose the opportunity to make money or to go and help my friend with ministry. I chose the latter option. I had been used to leading songs, but it felt different this time. The group was youthful and lively. I continued coming every week until a month had passed then Danny, who was the sound system provider asked me to run sound for him at Frayo. I accepted.

Frayo ministry was designed to have an emcee who would lead the service with a welcome, prayer and announcements. The brother who was acting as the emcee was going to be away for a while and when we met to plan for the service, I volunteered to step into this role. I wanted to excel at it so much that no one missed the other emcee. Every week, I looked for jokes and since I was part of the set up team, I found jokes that were relevant to the sermons. Subsequently, Pastor asked me to make the altar call and to close the service. Because of my faithfulness to serve in this capacity, Pastor asked me to teach the discipleship class. I accepted to do it and it helped me to grow because I had to study and prepare for it.

After a few years of serving alongside Pastor Matt, he began sharing with me that God wanted us to expand and to open another campus and he approached me and asked me if I wanted to join bible college and get better acquainted with the things of God. Well, this had been a desire of mine, but I did not have money to pursue it. He told me that God had told him to sponsor me for half of the tuition to help me get started. Long story short, I was asked to pastor Frayo (the original campus) and Pastor Matt went to pioneer the second campus. Now, I am a pastor and graduate of Charis Bible College, by the grace of God.” 

- Jimmie